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Our firm takes pride in arming immigrant families with the information they need to feel safe. Knowing where to turn for accurate information, up-to-date resources, and ethical legal counsel is critical.

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Muy buena abogada y su personal muy amable la verdad si la recomiendo
Rocio Ramos
Rocio Ramos
Recomendada 1000% buenísima abogada, todo su equipo excelente muy profesional, siempre están pendientes de tu caso notificándote cualquier cambio, cualquier avance o mandándote cartas para notificar que tú proceso está en curso y que ellos están pendientes , mil gracias! ❤️
Wendy Villanueva
Wendy Villanueva
Excelente abogada 🙏
Jaime Tolentino
Jaime Tolentino
Ampliamente recomendable, en lo personal son muy profesionales y siempre recibí un trato muy amable por parte de todos lo que laboran con la abogada gracias 🙏
Leopoldina Pérez
Leopoldina Pérez
El equipo me dio muy buen trato. Estoy contenta con Santana recomiendo los servicios.
Isabel Lazaro
Isabel Lazaro
Trabajo profesional 👍🌞
Monserrath Chacón
Monserrath Chacón
Muy buena atención,atentos al proceso y eficientes.
Luis Sosa
Luis Sosa
Muy buen servicio y atención personalizada Gracias marlen santana y a su equipó de trabajo!!
Lorena Mateos
Lorena Mateos
A great law firm! My sister and I are DACA recipients and we applied for Advanced Parole the process was very smooth the team is very timely sending all of our stuff in!
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman
Green card in 10 months. I would recommend them to anyone needing immigration services.

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Be Prepared

Our office does not handle removal/detained cases.
Our attorney has been recognized by the Tennessee Supreme Court for her pro bono work. We accept deserving pro bono work on a case-by-case basis.
The first step is to call our office at 615-540-1106 and schedule an initial consultation. A consultation is an orientation appointment where you will meet in-person, by phone or by video chat with our attorney to explain your case. Immigration law is complex, and every case is unique. The attorney will ask you questions about the details of your case and ask to see related documents before she can offer any legal advice or make a decision as to whether to take your case.

We charge $200 for an initial consultation, a much lower rate than most private law firms around the country.

The wait for an appointment can vary. Virtual appointments are usually quicker than in-person appointments. Please call our office to make your appointment, and we will do everything possible to see you as soon as possible. Our staff is well-trained, bilingual and can assist you in the event you need immediate assistance.

(1) Write out your questions ahead of time.

(2) Bring your initial intake form and paper to take notes

(3) Bring your vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, passports and if you’ve had any contact with law enforcement before, bring documents related to the incident(s).

(4) Be on time.

(5) When in doubt, bring it to the appointment.

Yes. Every person that works at SLF, from the attorneys to the support staff, speaks fluent Spanish.